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Quality window washing and home maintenance services for all your needs.

Basement Cleaning

McMahon Home Service will move your personal items, sweep and either hose down or power wash your garage floor. We will use a degreaser on any oily spots that may need special attention and replace your belongings upon completion. We also can paint or seal your garage floor if requested

Basement floors are done in much the same manor. We would move any personal items to � of the basement, sweep and either wet mop or scrub the floor with a commercial floor machine. We put down a cleaning solution; scrub the floor and wet vac up any excess water. We rinse the floor upon completion, move the personal items over and repeat the process. We can also seal the floor with a concrete seal or paint the floor with concert paint. While we are there we can remove any unwanted items for disposal.

We also can clean the cobwebs from the joists and clean your window wells, while were there.

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